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Different Mounting Systems

There is no one way to mount our Holders, that will work for every situation out there.  That is why we have many different types of Mounting Systems available.

Our Holders are strong, but only as strong as the Mounting System beneath it.

Here are the different ways we offer, to mount our Rod Holders.


Track Systems

      More manufacturers are implementing these Track Systems into their gunnels.  This system is a great way to have a nice rigid mount setup, without having to drill a ton of holes in your boat.



      With only one mounting base, you can have multiple Rod Holder mounts.  Our Heavy Duty T's are becoming very popular, for those who would like a quick disconnect Mounting option, for multiple Rod Holders.


Round Rail Mounts

     When you have round rails, it is very difficult to drill and mount Flat Surface Mounts to them.  That is why we have our Round Rail Mounts.  These are machined as close as possible to the standard rail sizes, to ensure maximum holding strength.


Flat Surface Mounts

      These are your standard mounts, that are used for most situations, and are designed for boats with a Flat Surfaces to mount to.  We also have kits available, complete with bottom plates and stainless steel hardware, for all our options.


Other Options

     We have more options for mounting, that may not be covered in our other categories.  Check here to see if we have what you may looking for.

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