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Track System Mounts

Track Systems are becoming more and more popular on many different brands of boats, simply for the reason, you don't need to drill a lot of holes in your gunnel.  There are many options out there, for Track System Mounts, but they do not cover all angles from different manufacturers.  At Fish Bite, we cover ALL ANGLES; like, every degree!  

So if you're looking to set your boat up, and it has a track system, we have all the options and customization that you can get.


Does the degree actually matter?

We've had this question a lot and our answer is always the same....        ...ABSOLUTELY!

       Well, why is that?  Simply put, if your track system is at 20 degrees, but you purchase a mount made for 45 degrees, your rod angle will be held 25 degrees higher than what you were wanting.

Okay then, how do I find my angle?

      We're glad you asked!  Here is a quick video, on the exact method we use here at Fish Bite, to find angles of Track Systems.  We've set up many of these boats, and multiple of the same exact models, and it never fails, they all seem to be unique.

       We use a simple phone app, to find these angles.  The links to the IOS and Android downloads are in the description of the video, but here they are as well.


IOS download


Android download

I've got my angle, I'm ready to go!!!

      Then click this button, and you'll be taken to our Track System Mount product page, to fill out the information!

NOTE:   If you take measurements, please measure all points where you plan on mounting Rod Holders.  If you see that the angle is close within 2 degrees, submit that measurement on the next page.  HOWEVER, if you see a variation in your measurements more than 2 degrees, please use the contact information below to let us know.  We will need to make different angled Track Mounts for the different angles on your boat.

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