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What thread series do you need?

So you've selected the Rage Rod Holder, but which thread series do you need?

Are you going for lighter weight, maybe for Crappie fishing?  Maybe you want to have a bit more strength, for the larger fishing?  Let's say you troll or drag for Striped Bass or Blue Catfish, but you don't want your holder to loosen if you hook up with a BIG ONE?

Well don't you worry, we have all the options you need for whatever the situation.

A rod holder that has a 3/8" threaded post.

3/8"-16 Series

      This smaller diameter threaded shaft, is meant for your lighter fishing, for Crappie and what not.  Still strong enough for a larger fish, but is a little more flimsy and flexible compared to your 1/2"-13 Series threads.

1/2"-13 Series

      Larger diameter threads, will give you a stronger more rigid holder.  This is the "Gold Standard" amongst most fisherman today.  If you're going to have a chance of hooking up with big, hard hitting fish, you're going to want this thread series.

A rod holder with a 1/2" threaded post.
A black Rage Rod Holder


Left Hand series

      Meant for the Starboard side of your boat, this thread series will get tighter the more it is pulled to the back of your boat.  Sometimes, getting your standard thread tighter will not cover you.  You may just need the Left Hand thread series, in case that Pig hits while your trolling along.

Left Hand

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