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This rod holder will be offered in angles from a 0 to 45 degree, in 5-degree increments. 


  • If you would like a personalized color swirl, be sure to add your Color Swirl preference to your cart.  Please click on the blue text.  *Custom Color Options*  This will be an additional $10 item added to your cart, FOR THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR ORDER; no matter how many holders you purchase.
  • Available in 3/8" or 1/2"
  • Post height (3/8" model): 2" - 6"
  • Post height (1/2" model): 2" - 12"
  • Left Hand thread ONLY available in 1/2" post size, from 2" to 12" tall
  • Rubber coated to help grip your fishing rod
  • Includes rod holder with stainless steel post, locking nut, and a mounting block (screws not included)
  • All Rod Holders with 10" post or 12" post, will be shipped with a Heavy Duty block by default.  (Send us an Email if you would only like a standard mount block.  However, there will not be a reduction in price.)

"The Covert" Rod Holder and Mounting Block


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