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Our Heavy Duty T-Bar, just angled to an offset, so nothing overhangs the outside of the boat. An All-Weld design so their is no assembling of the T-Bar itself. Simply mount the base anywhere on your boat and attach the T-Bar, using two(2) 3/8-16 Hex Bolts.  Plenty strong enough for Catfishing, but also low-profile enough for an excellent Crappie fishing setup.


As for mounting thread options for your holders, you can select between 3/8-16, 1/2-13 Right Hand, and 1/2-13 Left Hand  thread series.  There are five(5) total mounting positions on the top, so you can evenly mount three(3) rod holders or evenly mount four(4) rod holders.


Included, is all the Stainless Steel Hardware that is needed to mount the T-Bar as well as the bottom plate for the mount base, for when extra strength is needed.


  • All Weld Design
  • 3 or 4 Holder Positions
  • Rigid 1 1/2" Aluminum Tubing Post
  • Strong 1 1/2x1/2 Aluminum Flat Bar for mounting base and T-Bar base
  • Also includes, a bottom plate for added strength for mounting underneath the base
  • Hardware included: 4 of 1/4-20 countersunk screws for the base, 4 of 1/4-20 hex nuts, 4 of 1/4" locking washers, 2 of 3/8-16 hex bolts for mounting the T-Bar, and 2 of 3/8" washers.

Heavy Duty Offset T-Bar


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